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Pedagogy First, Technology Second: How to Choose the Right Tool for the Job

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Opening Keynote: Sarah Robbins
Pedagogy First, Technology Second: How to Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Today’s educators are inundated with technology options. In addition to the tools made available on campus, we are also faced with reacting to the wide variety of technology that students bring to the classroom. Though it’s true that learning objectives and sound pedagogy take precedence over adding technology to a course, the sheer speed at which tools advance can make it difficult for educators to know whether or not there are technologies that could assist or improve their courses while maintaining sound pedagogical practices.

In this presentation I will argue that there is an easier way to understand new technologies and quickly assess their learning value for a specific application. Using Activity Theory and Genre Ecology Models we will learn that if we cook a tool down to simple communication mechanics we can quickly understand how that tool can or can’t contribute to the learning objectives in a given course. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the approach ready to apply it to the next new tool they encounter.


Emerging Strategic Innovations in Educational Leadership: Future-Focused & Grounded in the Cloud

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Closing Keynote: Jonathon Richter
Emerging Strategic Innovations in Educational Leadership: Future-Focused & Grounded in the Cloud

What do educational leaders do in these increasingly complex, fast-paced, and interconnected times to engage their students with new technologies and demonstrate results? The world is changing quickly – and with it, educational institutions are asked to deliver in new and improved ways. A scan of emerging trends and the results that business, education, non-profit, and other organizations are achieving reveals a new set of work routines and dynamics worthy of note. This session will provide a future-focused and positive outlook for learning technologies and those who use them. For students and their teachers, trainers, and other content experts, the future has never looked brighter.

Sarah Robbins

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Sarah “Intellagirl” Smith-Robbins is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Kelley Executive Partners as well as a member of the Marketing faculty at the Kelley School of Business. She is also a PhD candidate in Rhetoric at Ball State University. Her research focuses on communication practices in social media, virtual worlds and video games. Sarah spends her days designing games, ranting about social technologies in education and business, and fighting the misperceptions about the ways social technologies are changing our lives. In addition to being a pink-haired mother of triplets, Sarah is also a writer and an instigator of various acts of geeky creativity. Find out more about Sarah at

Jonathon Richter

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Jonathon Richter, Ed.D. is a Research Associate at the University of Oregon and Director of the Center for Learning in Virtual Environments at the University of Oregon. With research interests in the educational use of virtual worlds, electronic assessment and digital storytelling, Dr. Richter is currently Co-Principal Investigator on two National Science Foundation grants – one to integrate computer science and game development into virtual environments at Lane Community College in Oregon and the other investigating dimensions of globally distributed teams’ use of virtual worlds to collaborate and innovate for work-related purposes. He is the co-founder and current chair of the American Educational Research Association’s special interest group on virtual worlds named the Applied Research in Virtual Environments for Learning (ARVEL)